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05 February 2010

Fireflies by Owl City in ASL

Is this why i can't sleep at night? Fireflies in my room??? :D

Awesome! He also did 7 Things I Hate About You by Miley Cyrus (which is fun and funny) and a lot more..

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20 January 2010

I'm still alive

Somehow I feel like I've used the above title for previous post.  Since I have the tendency to not post anything for a long period of time but, who cares.

Well since July 2009, a lot of things have happened.  I've started my MBA and now I'm in my second semester. On top of that, I'm doing it full-time now. I did my first semester on a part-time basis, but apparently it wasn't for me.  To those people who can do it on a part-time basis and able to get good results, I salute you.  I decided to do it full-time because I felt like I didn't really learn a lot when I had to work. I admit that most of the time, the assignments and projects that were handed in were done to just meet the requirements. I just felt that it wasn't right. This is my second degree, why did I have to repeat my first degree experience? I really want to learn and add value to myself. Knowledge is a form of leverage. How then can I leverage from it, if I didn't really get what I'm supposed to know by end of my studies? Kinda pointless, and wasting my time, don't you think so?

So after talking to my parents about it, they are supportive of me going to full-time study mode. I guess I can use the extra time to go back and visit them more often, now that my little sister has gotten married.  I can also use the extra time that I have now to expand, expand, expand my makeup business, which I have been neglecting for the past, hmmmm, 1 year or so.

Therefore, my friend, if you do need any makeup services, do call me up. I have also been busy looking for interesting makeup projects to do and further build my portfolio. Ideas or suggestions or enquiries are very much welcome. Your support is much appreciated.

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21 July 2009

i know i'm not the kind of person that can always accurately express the way i feel, but

i don't know, for some reason, today, i feel blessed for having a lot of people in my life..

for being there for me all the time..
for accepting me just the way that i am..
for listening to my rants and insecurities..
for giving me advice when i need it..
for talking to me even when i am not talking back..
for keeping my spirits up..

i know i can count on all of you.. thank you so much!


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17 July 2009

car update

picture only.. malas nak cerita..

shian, chabutt!!


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15 July 2009

keretaku buat hal

sebenarnya, i think it's about time dia buat hal pun.. because all these while, it's been such a good car to me.. biasa la.. pompuan... tau isi minyak, jalan je... kalau rajin pun antar service sekali sekala.. yes, sekali-sekala aje.. ikut sedap oren je..

tau-tau bila dah jadi camni, baru tau menyesal that i know so little (or nothing) about car engine.. seb baik ade ude :D... so right now my car is in the workshop..

so nak cerita pasal mekanik tu.. when i sent the car, i remember him saying that whatever it is, he'll check the car, and will inform us (me & ude) of what went wrong, how much it costs, etc. before doing anything.. all of a sudden he called today and said dah start beli barang la, trade in ape lah (obviously i didn't know what he was referring to) and the whole works will cost me rm2xxx.. what? i said WHAT??!! so i asked him to call ude.. ude pun ape lagi, dah la tengah bagi lecture.. he had to stop the lecture to give lecture (aka 'sekolah'kan) the mechanic.. ya lah.. janji tak buat ape2, just see what's wrong and inform us of the cost before doing anything.. tup2 dah beli barang and nak buat je terus.. pastu ckp i dah cakap OK.. bile mase.. kalo i cakap OK, takkan la i asked him to call ude.. sungguh la bijaksana...

so skarang nih, ude kata, if it's gonna cost me that much, might as well lah change to new engine (!) aka pimp my ride.. har har har.. lepas ni i jadi fast & furious di jalan raya lah nampak nye.. cepat la dapat kereta balik.. the car that's on loan to me now, sound system sangat tak syok.. kena dengar iPod sendiri sebab speaker pecah... :(

pulanglah cepat..


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